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Magpie is looking for a shiny logo to decorate the nest

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I'm looking for a logo for my company instagram account that I can later use for my website.
The intention is that I make vintage (chinese) vases on instagram; mirrors serving trays, dishes, candlesticks etc etc.
The logo I'm thinking of has a romantic glamor look to it.
The logo should contain frills as a frame and yet also have a sleek appearance overall.

The colors that suit me well are: gold, pink (hard or soft) and orange and perhaps red.

The name of the account will be: Pica pica vintage.
The scientific name for magpie is 'pica pica'. I would like the magpie to come back somewhere (small) in the logo. Just like the name of course.

The story behind pica pica:
When I was little I was already fond of everything that glitters. My mother always called me magpie. The Magpie is known as a collector of precious things to decorate their nests with. That is my intention: to create atmosphere in houses through beautiful vintage items, for example by means of (large) painted vases. see Attachment.

Good luck! I'm very curious what will come out.

greetings Merit

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