Logo Wanted, Inspiration Needed: We help nonprofit & small companies with digital advertising.

Contest details:

  • Contest holder: justin.jones
  • Category: Logo design
  • Total budget: € 399.00
  • Start date : 13-02-2016 14:54
  • Ending date : 20-02-2016 14:52
  • Status : Ended
  • Required formats: jpg,ai,pdf
  • Relevant files: None
  • Available languages:
  • Number of designs: 47
  • Response rate:
    low high


Business Name > Lead Runner Media

Driving leads (sales, customers, active users) is the goal for all digital advertisers. Runner was chosen as we are running advertising campaigns, our results are competitive, and we are able to partner with our clients to be their biggest advocate.

Company description:

Description > LRM is a full service digital advertising agency specializing in Pay Per Click (aka Search, SEM) Advertising.

Target group:

Target Audience > Our target audience is nonprofits, startups, and small-medium sized businesses. As of now, we work mostly with nonprofits and startups which we love!

Colors, favourites and other requirements

Oranges: Creativity, adventure and happiness.

1- We are not an exercise brand. Looking for a logo that is aligned to technology/advertising versus exercise.
2 - Logo will be used as our branding moving forward. Any creative imagery for technology, advertising, or paid search marketing is appreciated, but not mandatory.

Do you have a question or feedback for us? Feel free to reach out at anytime, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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