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Update: We have noticed that many names are a bit more spiritual (and therefore sometimes a bit floaty). For us it is important to do both, to go inwards and also to keep both feet on the ground and practical. The name has to be easy to remember.

Come up with a catchy name for our new company in which we, two experienced coaches/trainers, develop and provide (tailor-made) education, workshops and training in the field of personal leadership and growth. For individuals, teams and organisations. Both one and multi-day programmes on location at home and abroad. We go beyond the skill level and look at the identity level (and soul level) to see what helps or hinders people and how they can take new steps.

Name requirements:
Language: name that can be used internationally (does not necessarily have to be English). Catchy name that radiates energy, movement and transformation.
Domain name must still be available. (.nl and .com)

Result of our programmes:
* More powerful and relaxed living and working
* More peace and joy
* Freer in making choices
* Communicating more directly and clearly.
* Greater self-awareness.

And for organisations too: more effective cooperation in which both the team and the individual employee come more into their own authenticity. More energy and fun and better results.

Core values
- meaningfull
- open and honest
- clear and transparent
- light and dark

Our approach is characterised by:
- experiential
- bodywork
- movement (inside and outside)
- bold/resolute
- practical
- transformation
- integration
- energy

We work with systemic work, NLP, TA, yoga/mindfulness, breath and are based in Eindhoven.

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