Brand name for seasonings based on seaweed

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Our company, specialized in the sale of products based on seaweed, imports dried seaweed that we sell in the Dutch and Belgian market. The products can mainly be used as herbs, as an alternative to salt and as seasonings. See also

The products, sold in fish, health food, delicacy and health stores, to consumers who want to flavor their meals in a healthy, natural, sustainable and - above all - tasty way.

We still sell our seaweed products under various brand names, but that should become one single brand name. We are looking for a powerful, international, easy to remember, no-nonsense brand name that can carry the core values ​​of our product line well.
Core values ​​that we want to show:
Healthy, herbs, seasoning, salt substitute, tasty, rich in vitamins and minerals, superfood, quality, organic, easy to use.
Naturally, the brand name and URL must be available, others must not be able to derive any rights from it.

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