Possible "refresh" of the current logo + a design for company cars and signage new building.

Contest details:

  • Contest holder: monster
  • Category: Logo design
  • Total budget: € 479.00
  • Start date : 15-01-2014 12:09
  • Ending date : 07-02-2014 12:06
  • Status : Ended
  • Required formats: jpg,ai,pdf
  • Relevant files:
  • Available languages:
  • Number of designs: 101
  • Response rate:
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The Monsterscore logo has been used for the past 10 years, and as far as we are concerned it is a good one (see Annex 1). Nevertheless we would still like to give you the opportunity of freshening it up. This doesn’t mean we want drastic changes, but you may make it more modern and a marked improvement from what it is now.
We do not need logos consisting of monsters (in our case it’s about "samples" and not animals/monsters) , and if the color doesn’t change too much, it is seen as an advantage.
We are also looking for a design for our commercial vehicles (see Annex 2). : The following conditions apply:
- Show people WHAT we do in a glance. (see "Business description " ) The contact time is very short when on the road, and should be recognizable at first glans. Therefore the back of the vehicle is also of great importance.
- Telephone number and website.
- The text «Amsterdam» and "Brussels» must be able to be added.
The Monsterscore logo and the “Hostesses of Oranje" logo (see also Annex 1, is a sister company) will be used in the signage of our new building (see Annex 2 ). This can be done by a light box or banner on the corners of the building, but possibly also over the entire length of the property. Again, we are open to creative input.

Company description:

Monsterscore is Field Marketing specialist and one of the largest firms in the industry. Our services are diverse, for example: sampling, promotion, outdoor / in-store demonstrations, organizing fairs (hostesses), placing POS materials and even driving around with mobile billboards.
The actions are performed by only the best and most enthusiastic promoters.

Target group:

Anyone who wants to bring his / her (new) product or service to the attention of their clients through a form of Field Marketing.

Colors, favourites and other requirements

As mentioned, we think our existing logo is good. Any refreshing must fit within the Outlook (email) and PowerPoint (presentation) format and be clearly visible on different (color) backgrounds.
We have created a sheet showing our current logo, and a number of examples from the industry that appeal to us and why (Annex 3).

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